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During 2018 Allied International had acquired BASSI LUIGI & C. S.p.A., one of the top worldwide manufacturers of buttweld fittings with a very long and prestigious history.

It was just after World War II that Mr. Luigi Bassi started producing the first fittings in Italy, gaining a high experience and creating many important connections in this industrial field. In 1962 he moved his activities to, and establish it, in the present location in San Rocco al Porto (LO, Italy).

The Company has progressively extended its range of activity until it has achieved a worldwide positioning and a high degree of specialisation which characterizes its overall production. In the course of the years, BASSI LUIGI & C. has been granted the most important certifications to work in Nuclear and Conventional Power Generation, Oil & Gas On and Offshore.

BASSI LUIGI has been one of the first companies in the world producing fittings for Thermoelectric power plants, geothermal plants, hydrothermal and nuclear plants. Meanwhile an elevated specialization has been achieved in prefabricated components and special fittings up to 120'' for Oil Gas applications such as onshore and offshore oil & gas platforms.

The company also has a long history supplying the Offshore sector with riser spools, manifolds, launching and receiving traps, barred tees, sphere tees and bends, all of them produced using nickel alloy or clad materials to be resistant against internal and external corrosion.

The production addressed to the Plants for transformation and expansion comprises all fittings (elbows, tees, caps, reducers, y pieces, mitered bends and special pieces) up to 120'' diameter and prefabricated spools generally executed in special materials such as stainless steels, inconel, incoloy, alloy materials and others.

Besides the manufacturing of joints and loose components, during the years the company had expanded its activities to increase the range of production by assembling complex prefabricated products such as slug catchers, manifolds/headers, scraper traps, pipe spools, skids.

BASSI LUIGI & C. offices and plant are even now located in San Rocco al Porto, Lodi, Italy on total 210,000 sq m (61,500 sq m covered). The company employes 146 people and has a yearly capacity of 20,000 tons of products such as fittings up to 120'' (SR/LR elbows, equal & reducing tees & lateral tees, ecc/conc reducers, barred tees, caps and cross), bends, slug catchers, manifolds, pipe spools, scraper traps.

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Bassi Luigi & C. S.p.A. - Sede legale / Registered office: Via Luigi Bassi 8, 26865 San Rocco al Porto, Lodi, Italy
Capitale sociale / Paid capital € 7,000,000 - Camera di Commercio / Chamber of Commerce: REA LO 593412 - IVA/ VAT No. IT 00839520152
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