Welding, cutting and trimming department

All welding methods, automatic and manual, is used in our workshop in order to guarantee zero defects joints with carbon steel, stainless steel and special materials.
Welding overlay with automatic systems (Electroslag, MIG, etc.) is used for pipes with internal diameters from 180mm. Smaller sizes are clad by manual methods.
Cutting operations are automatically managed by a CAD-CAM pantograph equipped with oxy-fuel and plasma cutting torches.
A lot of trimming machines, designed in our facility, are dedicated to cutting off the extra-lengths of the pieces coming from forging department.

Forging department

The most strategic department in our company.
A very long experience in forging processes of special materials and a large variety of forming dies has made BASSI LUIGI & C. a world leader company in this field.
Press machines up to 5000 tons and forming die up to 102'' can work 3 shifts in order to produce Elbows, Bends, Tees, Reducers and Caps in hot and cold forming.

Heat treatment department

The two fully automatic furnaces with capacity up to 126 cubic meters, guarantee perfect heat treatments for fittings and prefabricated spools.
A large cooling pool with a length of 10 meters and a depth of 4 meters is available, close to the main furnace, for quenching and tempering.
Localized heat treatments are arranged for special spools with dimensions or shape not possible with furnace use.

Machining department

More than 20 boring machines are available in our workshop in order to bevel the end of elbows, tee, reducers, caps and pipes with diameters up to 104''.
During the last ten years, the most powerful machines have been improved with the installation of specific NC dedicated to our production, resulting in the reduction of processing times and better quality of the beveling.

Testing department

Quality has always been our target.
Accurate testing is taken both during and at the end of the process. Bassi Luigi & C. operates following international codes and specific customer requests.
Dimensional Testing, Penetrating Testing, Magnetic-particle Inspection, Ultrasonic Testing and X-Ray Inspection are regularly performed by our qualified personnel in order to verify each step of the manufacturing process.

Packing and shipping department

A long experience in packing and shipping special pieces has been achieved from about 50 years of ''non-standard'' applications.
Due to the large dimensions of our products, we suggest each time to our clients the best packing solution to prevent damages during transport by sea, by air or by truck.

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